1980 – The Beginning: Hemet Hospital Foundation

A group of volunteers and community leaders created the Hemet Hospital Foundation on April 25, 1980.


The Hemet Hospital Foundation is an Organization of community volunteers whose compassion for the sick has moved them to action. Our primary purpose as a foundation is to provide financial assistance to the Hemet Valley Medical Center for the acquisition of equipment, facility development and support of programs. We support those needs not able to be funded through the budgetary process with the mission of ensuring the continued delivery of quality healthcare for our fellow citizens and the visitors to our community.

Hemet-San Jacinto leaders responsible for creating, building and maintaining the foundation over the last 35 years include, among many others, the Clayton Record Family, John McDonough, Mrs. John McCauley, Tom Carpenter, Lloyd & Evelyn McCall, Patricia McSweeney-McCauley, Jerry Uecker, Leonard Searl, Joseph Pehl, Robert Armbrust, James Gill, John, Pat & Matt Brudin, William Bennington, Joe Treece, Marvin DeBrask, Patricia Kleitch, M.D., Ken Hyatt, Robert Smith, M.D., P.M. Hayden, Sam Goepp, Matt McWane, Alex Denes, M.D., Sreenivasa Nakka, M.D., Fred White, D.O., Daryl Smith, Howard B. Rosenthal and the Jack Gosch Family.

These leaders and many other dedicated community members Physicians and hospital staff contributed their Time, Talents & Treasure to provide the Hemet Valley Medical Center with funding for new Emergency Rooms, remodeled O.B. Departments, many critical equipment needs and so much more over the last 35 years. A conservative estimate of the financial contributions is considered to be over $10,000,000.

2015 – The Present: Healthy Valley Foundation


The Healthy Valley Foundation will proactively serve and support organizations who share our vision for a healthier community. The foundation will provide resources, enhance collaboration, and establish partnerships that promote well-being and healthy lifestyles.

Vision Statement

We have a passion for people and want to improve the health of individuals within our community. We believe that education and assistance can affect positive change leading to healthy lifestyles, economic stability, and safer communities.

Value Statement

People have value and are important to us. We care enough to help our community get the health care they both need and want. We will conduct ourselves integrity, honesty, and transparency as we seek to raise funds and provide those funds to worthy endeavors and agencies. We will hold ourselves accountable to each other and to our community for our actions and outcomes.

Core Values

We believe:

  • We are an assembled group of community leaders
  • Leaders lead by example
  • We must be accountable
  • We must conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency
  • We are honest and responsible brokers of change
  • We have to earn the trust of the community by being responsible and productive